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A leading supplier of public safety equipment, uniforms, and gear for police, fire/rescue, emergency medical, and military personnel, Galls has its own in-house catalog production department, but has relied on JP Enterprises to help with overflow work since 2005.

The initial projects JP completed for Galls included design, layout, and production for three 2006 publications: a 68-page Public Safety Catalog, a 68-page Emergency Essentials Catalog, and a 100-page Military Catalog.

Since that time, JP has occasionally assisted Galls’ in-house catalog department by providing design and production services for covers and new products sections for their full-line law enforcement and fire/rescue catalogs.

In 2010, Galls asked JP to build a complete Military Catalog from scratch in a very short timeframe while their in-house staff was busy with their regular catalog projects. JP was able to complete the 484-page catalog in time to meet Galls’ desired mailing date.

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2680 Palumbo Drive
Lexington, KY 40555-4308